vrijdag 2 november 2018

Proud Boys?

I am a middle aged man
who is increasingly concerned with
the trendy rage of some young men.

Young men lost
left to wander around like wolves
drunk on 6packs
howling at the world
in beligerent wonder,

what does it means to be a man.

These young men who are
somewhat like I used to be,
intelligent and stupid at the same time
overeducated and insecure
with feelings of entitlement based solely upon
the achievements of those men and women
who lifted the heavy weight before
these young men were even squeezed
from scrotums and fertilized
into existence.

They need to be taught by other men and women
to be secure enough in standing up for themselves
and not blindly following the pack,
to be open to and knowledgable about
what lies behind the radicalized idols of
our modern societal reform.

To be brave enough
to not just
follow the reactional wild eyed
patriarchal nature
of grown man tantrums
and the growing “what about me”

We men need not be pushovers in public debate
but must be comfortable enough to slide over
on the communal couch
to make room for civil conversation
with whomever it is that may need a seat
or a place to rest.

We need men who understand
the better idea behind the words
that “All Men are Created Equal”
and that these words must include
all of humanity
for them to actually mean
at all.

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