zondag 17 maart 2019

Joe Strummer once said that the future is unwritten

Joe Strummer once said that the future is unwritten,

and while this idea gets me at times wondering
about the storytellers of the past
and how those amongst us still
busy themselves writing stories that
engage the evolved inhabitants of planet earth
in dystopian futures that look rather dim
from this side of the coin,

These futures portrayed all seem to be
ones that will be rather unpleasant
for more than just some.

And as we the readers of novels
and watchers of screens
keep waiting and wondering
pondering how the actual future will  
play itself out.

For if it is, as Joe Strummer once said
that the future is unwritten,

it does gets this reader of novels and watcher of screens
to wondering about the consequence of all of this dire storytelling
and about the portrayal of the possibilities of
our future days and if this
sort of dystopian storytelling is not just our human way
of predetermining our own twisted prophecies
one by one by one
each and every day.

For if the future is truly unwritten
then how will we free our present selves

from being held hostage
by the obviousness
of our modern ways

this Stockholm Syndrone
of our own cynical cycles

as we are held at gunpoint by both
ill informed and overeducated opinions,
how we are all accountable
regardless of which side of
the camera phone you stand,

and as we allow world and local leaders
to act as enablers and feeders
coercing the masses to gorge itself upon
this modern age dietary rage
of burning the calories of our compulsive need
to fill enraged,

this twisted way of laying claim
upon this world
instead of ever actually becoming

For if Joe Strummer  
once said that the future is unwritten,

and now more than ever we the still living
must be increasingly aware
of becoming naive or just to damn
dumb enough not to know

that one day in that unwritten future
that we who have not been blindsided by hindsight
will be confronted once again
to look back in shame
about the present way
that so many of us are now
prone to act.

maandag 11 maart 2019

Some unions are better off retired than reunited.

We had spoken over whiskeys
of one anothers tlife ragedies
and you, just like old times
always had a punchline
for every poignant moment.

And with every joke the burden of
the weight being carried by my heart
shifted to my head,
for the brain is better equipted to
deal with the reality of an asshole
when given half a chance.

And you joked about how still having
the capacity to
recall and share memories
made you feel so damn cool
while sitting half-baked in that catering hall
full of hormone injected housewives,
opiateted orthodontists and honors class overachievers
now with the onset of early alzheimer.

You told me that your kids
were all grown up and fucked up
and I laughed and said, we’ll whose aren’t anyhow.
While all the while feeling lucky that somehow mine
had turned out relatively alright.

You had said that your 2nd wife had been
a more loving wife than your 3rd but stability
was something that at our age was more important to
you than love.

And when you kept saying over and over
how amazing you thought it was
that everyone, after all these years,
still looked so damn good,
I began to grow a bit skeptical
about that pill that you had offered to me,
the one that you said that your brother in-law
from your 1st wife
had prescribed for your bad back.

And later on, after dumping you in the back
of an Uber at the end of the night
and while trying to buckle you in
for the drivers safety,
you sprayed me with your spittle
while babbling on about staying in touch and
that yes, I of course love you too man,
and yeah it was all good
and we fist bumped and high fived
as I was sober enough to tell the Uber driver
that he was better off taking it slow
in the curves,

and knowing that at our age
that this expression of bro’hood,
one that hadn’t even been there in High School,
was now just the drunken melodrama
and nostalgia of a middle age man
who had gotten
once again
way too

dinsdag 26 februari 2019

Neither the smell nor the taste of the popcorn is the same as it used to be.

The snow came hard and fast
piled up high and closed all the schools.

The children free from
the restraints of education
frolicked and rode sleighs and
build sexually and racially ambigious snowpersons
in vacant lots for these kids
did not have front or backyards.

Now some of the these snowpersons
had snowboobs
and some had snowpenises
and some actually had both,

and they all had noses made of half eaten carrots
and big smiles that sucked on
hashpipes stolen from older siblings

After a few days
the snowpersons of ambigious gender
began to change from snow white to a darker shade
do to all the soot and dirt
from the factories and highways surroundings
the neighborhoods filled with vacant lots.

And the faces of the snowpersons changed
from snowwhite to what some said was off black
And someone with too much time on their hands
made a photo of the now darker snowpersons
with ambigious gender
and posted it online accusing the children of
building ambigious snowpersons with blackface.

And the children shrugged their shoulders and
said they had no idea what the adults were
talking about

and the Academy Awards happened and
many people said oooh and aaah and
Martin Luther King is still dead
and so is Malcolm X and Abraham Lincoln too
and who is suprised that John Wayne was a racist and
Spike Lee finally
won an Oscar and some other people

And an artist wore a tuxedo dress that made
a social political impact upon the red carpet
and probably cost more to produce
than most people earn in a month

and well those snowpersons covered in soot
continued to smoke their hashpipes and didn’t seem bothered
and some people went a bit crazy on social media about the snowpersons
and the Oscars and even tweeted attacks
aimed at the local children who had built the snowpersons
of ambigious gender calling them racists
and the t.v. talkshows went blah blah blah about the Oscars and
the snowpersons of ambigious gender and race
and many people spoke very self righteously about it all
as many many people seemed to enjoy doing so
and many white people scratched their heads and
many black people did the same thing
but for different reasons

and eventually the weather cleared up and the children
had to go back to school
and they continued playing together upon playgrounds
that had been built between factories and highways
and the swings there were also covered in soot

and a few days later the sun came out and the temperature rose
and those snowpersons of ambigious gender and race
well they just melted away and all that was left
in their place were hashpipes lying
in pools of dirty water, with a few pebbles that had been used as eyes
and a couple of half eaten carrots that had days before been noses.

And most people enjoyed the thaw
while others knew that
there was always another deep freeze
on the way
one day.

donderdag 21 februari 2019

A daily mantra for those with a fast food diet

Make a structure,
set a goal,
let the chaos of the universe
fill that hole.

cherish your contradictions,
bath once a week in hypocrisy
and make sure you floss twice a day
in self doubt.

Use vitriol instead of vitamins
to fortify ones immunity against the irritation of the assholes around you.
Stretch your hamstrings, your quads and
your threshold for toleration
each and every day.

Know that the game of intergration is played upon
an uneven playingfield where
even if most of the players are black that
the ball is almost aways in
the white teams court.

Eat Spaghetti O’s right out of the can with a silverspoon,
recognize the politics baked into all those puff pastry promises as nothing more than salted butter flour and
hot air.

And that sulphur that you smell
well that is the skin of so many human souls burning
for, Hell on earth will be the real game changer
as we are told to bend over and spread our ass cheeks
as we all wait to be fucked 
by global warming.

blah blah

Poetry blah blah
blah blah poetry

woensdag 9 januari 2019

Barbershop Conversations

Young professional couple meet
fall in love
decide to move in together
settle in the city
cause that is where it all happens.

Young couple buy apartment
located next door or above
vibrant cultural venue
and feel young at heart
for doing so.

Couple ages and remains in love
love living in the city but
start to love the commotion and noise
of city life less and less.

Couple complains
City governments comply
and the commotion in the city
the cultural venues
that makes that city special
are one by one by one

Couple eventually grows old and
bored as there is less and less
interest in whatever comottion is
leftover in the city so they
decide to move to the suburbs
and raise a family of spoiled children
who will one day also look
to fall in love and move
to the city.

zaterdag 5 januari 2019

Todays Sermon.

One need not be a labeled a socialist to believe in a world where social justice has less to do with being some sort of warrior or claiming to be awoke


more to do with believing in fixing what is intrinsically broke.

Lest one forget that simple fact.


May the powers that be
be given front row seats 
like Alex in A Clockwork Orange
to the creation of their
God given Anarchy.

So ends todays sermon.

Joe Strummer once said that the future is unwritten

Joe Strummer once said that the future is unwritten, and while this idea gets me at times wondering about the st...