dinsdag 30 oktober 2018

My American Selfie

My American Selfie

How has it been forgotten
that it was once written

We the People
Fuck those People.

I take another bite of my pastrami sandwich and with a mouth full of deli mustard
out of nowhere, call out Touchdown!

This Sam Adams Octoberfest beer in a tall chilled pint glass
 just ain’t what I remember it to be. 

Right now my thoughts are all clouded memories. 
Right now my thoughts are all clouded memories.

And the bar is full of Americans who have
bitten the bullet
and now chew upon buckshot.

The over educated and morally decrepit
The lazy and enfantile feeling of entitlement
The socially conscious chokehold 
The conservative castration and the covert vulgarity
The politically correct scoliosis of our communal backbones.

The drama upon drama portrayed in HD and half priced
during the Happy Hour, where
extra large everywhere television screams
the nocturnal wet dream
of some scriptwriters demon seed.

And is it any wonder
that Hollywood catches the blame
is it any wonder that
so many people
no longer feel any shame.

As civility kamikazes down
upon the American constitution
and we pray for Congress to committ hari-kari with a Bowie knife.
A Smith and Wesson swan song  
for a Senator with Bud Lite on his breath, as
Lady Liberty blows the nation a soured kiss goodnight.

For love of God and Country
has got common sense
hanging by the neck
from a gold plated crucifix.

In a day and age where the commidification
of our creature comforts has become
the Frankenstein monster
of our modern times.
And we wait with baited oxy breath
for Mr. Negative Cashflow
to finally make
his ultimate overthrow,
as he belittles any and all success
not deemed by his online community
as America at its most absurd best.


opinions like storm clouds
raining down toxic piss
a golden shower
of ego semantics
flooding over rivers engorged
the bloated livers of bipartisan geriatrics.

This P.T. Barnum president
and the American citizenry
still suckered after all these years
by the circus spectacle
and the alluring sounds
of the carnival barker,

No fortified construction strong enough
No architecturial feat creative enough
No corporation savy enough
to build that bridge
to help heal the divide
across the canyons forged
between the lifes  
of a cross section of a country gone rabid
on national pride.

It is as if America has
finally after all these years
let its schizophrenic sibling
that it has kept locked away, out
and she is now running naked, covered in
her own feces through the food court of
the local mall.

I stop ranting for a moment to catch my breath and
admire the fall leaves changing their color
and a passerbye calls me a snowflake
for watching the skies.

My brain vibrates as I look for escape
and formulate a thought about

the difference between

peace of mind
and giving someone else
a piece of your own

Now more than ever we must read between the lies
and pay greater attention to
what we are actually doing with our lives

For as we reword words into victimship
and over use termns like nazi and fascist
we fall prey to the cryptic crossword puzzle
of wondering how will we truly ever explain
the impending madness and escalating craze.

We must be wary of time wasted
monologing in close company,
of too much time spent
wording off against
the vaccous vampires that we have allowed
to invade our private moments.
Be wary of wasting time 
unconciously unaware of
the fleeting moments spent
as a family together.
And to my wifes chagrin,
in front of my teenage son
I suck out the last bit of nitrous
from the Reddi Wip can.

For my American Selfie
is screaming
into the camera
at myself
at all of us

for I am tired and turned around

as this nation is bought
and told,
to pander to maniacs,
while I am left to ponder
where it is
that we are
all at.

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