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Patronaat – Haarlemtown’s home to much more than just Rock n Roll.

Patronaat – Haarlemtown’s home to much more than just Rock n Roll.

I Joshua Baumgarten being the self-appointed Lofi Rock n Roll Poet Laureate of the Patronaat for life, as goed gekuurd by Jeroen Blijleve, Warry van der Leen and in post mortum Dick van der Giessen.

That being said ladies and gentlemen
I have been called here today to sing praise
to the Poppodium of Haarlemtown
our wonderful world of music and performance
for almost the last 35 years
the Patronaat.

And now the first thing that crosses my mind
as I look about the Haarlemers here
In the cultured faces in the Toneelschuur before me
How many of you
How many of your sons and daughters
After being in the Patronaat
After attending a sweat filled concert or
a 40 plus dance party overflowing with small town decadence,
and feeling that swell of hormones and post adolescence,
alcohol and rock n roll
ended up praying to god
while holding your own or
your partners head
over the porcelain bowl.

For I remember long nights in the late 90’s
 fueled by Rocketfuel
where bodies bounced like stuiterbals off of 4 walls
in an old school gym hall
where the sounds of the Ramones, Nirvana, Urban Dance Squad
 and Gotcha showed me that even
in this small town of Haarlemtown
that there were like minded freaks
that loved to get down.

The Patronaat, our pop podium
from 1984 till now
consistently peaking the curiosity of a small town crowd
by taking chances on a high end
of lower tier performers
who don’t appeal to the big city crassness,
the Patronaat a venue for the artists ignored
by big city stages
and who have little interest in
putting on shows just to please
the business model and mainstream masses.

For the Patronaat is more than just some average Popzaal
and for so many musicians playing the Patronaat
becomes something personal
returning year after year
the Patronaat becomes a home away from home
a beacon of professional comfort and quality
for bands touring from shit bar to dirty club  
always one day further or closer back to  
wherever it is that these
thousands of performers that the Patronaat hosts
may call home.

The Patronaat a podium for music afficiandos
and not so much a place where it is hip to be seen
but a venue with a vital roll in the development of
its hometown scene.

A place that offers young performers an introduction
to add to their musical education,
and learn that every gig, big or small
is an oppurtunity for a band to grow.
For the Patronaat is like the greenhouse for
a city rich with local talent
ready to sow.

Where the Rob Acda awards offer local bands
their first chance to put on a pop music show
and a place where these kids can start on their journey
to one day
becoming the next
local heroes

The Patronaat, where countless Haarlemmers
young and what older
volunteer at the bar and puzzle out the tech desk,
collecting tickets and jackets and
organising the wants and needs
of needy artists behind the scenes while
all the while the paid employees work upstairs
headphones on, bopping and cursing
behind computer screens
praying for the one day that Mojo
may cherrypick them for the big league
booking agencies.

an unendings thanks to the
hundreds of volunteers
who year after year
clean up all of the
puke, broken glass
and spilled beer from
kelder to the zolder.

The Patronaat
Haarlemtowns playground for those
who wish to get down to some musical sound.
Be it hip hop, rock, house music, reggae or metal.
From the americana sounds of the Roots of Heaven
to Minor Operations drunken punkfeest
the Irrational Library’s seemingly endless eigenaardig ways
the progressive metal of Complexityfest
the garage rock chaos of Klikofest
and the occasional blacked out windows of a swingers fuckfest.

the Patronaat has always been
and always will be
just what
Haarlemtown needs it to be
even if they continue to tap Heineken
which this poet thinks
is really quite shitty.

The Patronaat
Haarlemtowns musical portal to the outisde world
our fantastic popzaal always testing the limits
of what is to be heard and to be seen,
the Patronaat
the pulsating rhythmic heart
of our cultural city.

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