zaterdag 17 november 2018

The VVD took my money away

He was strolling down the street, humming and singing to himself “ the VVD took my money away, they took it away, they took it away, the VVD took my money away, took my money away, they took it away from me…’ to the tune of the Ramones “The KKK took my Baby Away,” when he decided to pop into the Hema and buy himself a sack of krentebollen. As he made his way through the cosmetics, the socks, the pens and household goods he came across peppernoten as well. Peppernoten had recently begun to make him feel uneasy. That and the chocolate letters. As a dyslexic he found them somewhat intimidating. Eventually he found the krentenbollen and paid using his debit card. On his way out of the Hema, he bit into one of the krentenbollen and thought, “Ya know, maybe Mark is right. Being pro Zwarte Piet doesn’t necessarily make you a racist asshole. But being overpaid and or undereducated in the Netherlands is a great way to help achieve a person achieve that goal. And after all the holiday is for the children and well like Whitney Houston sang not so long ago, “the children are our future, teach them right and let them lead the way.”
(The funny thing about krentenbollen is, that the sack is usually never finished and the last one is almost always tossed away.)

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