woensdag 26 september 2018

After Thursday

She said be a good boy – and clean up the blood

on the bottom of the steps.

He lifted himself from the floor to the first

one hand holding the brunt of his weight upon the second step

a beetroot smile gleamed from inbetween his teeth.

“America, my mothers, my sisters, my daughters!” he moaned.

How could you? After all that I have done for you.”

She stood above him, her boot resting

upon the back of his neck.

Slowly applying a pressure

that had been building up

since their first date, she laughed

and said, “don’t you mean,

done to you?”

And she pressed her boot down

upon the back of his neck

his fat lips kissing the

stained carpeting upon the stairs

while using his American Express Gold card

to pick a piece of broccoli rabe out

from between her teeth,

“Maybe, when we are done here

we should go out and get a beer."

she said,

"For I got a feeling that we both

still may have some explaining to


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