donderdag 27 september 2018

Outing myself for the asshole I may have used to be

Outing myself for the asshole I may have used to be

Growing up in the T & A 1980’s of America
The grabbiness of the european arthouse
all the juvenille jerkoff films
the naughty revenge of computer nerds
and the gosh darn it goof balls who in the end
defeated and deflated the ego’s of the jocks
were my teenage heroes

But i have to wonder if
watching hours after hours
of cable television did not corrupt me
and did watching Porky’s over and over
turn me into a pubescent hormonal pig?

When Lewis stole Stan’s Darth Vader costume
and had tricked Betty into having sex with him
in Revenge of the Nerds
was that not date rape and
why did all of us dudes
find this so funny?

I look back and reassess where
I may have digressed
how some of my behavior was not all that best,
wondering what all these films where
women were spied upon from behind peepholes,
where dresses were torn off
and where deception was used so
young men could get their dicks wet.

I wonder what did this teach us about
sex and respect.
And during those conservative PMRC Reagan years
was this some sort of failure of filmmakers,
a poisend idea of the free love 60’s
and decadance of the 70’s.

All this embarasses me now
and even though I can’t change
some of my own misbehavior
from my past
I look to teach my own nerdy son better
about sex and respect
for all of the women he may
ever have the oppurtunity to know
and possibly be intimate

So they can laugh together
at their shared awkwardness
when discovering the world
of sex.

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