zaterdag 11 augustus 2018

These types of less great men, they come and go, come and go, come and go, time and time and time again.

These types of less great men, they come and go, come and go, come and go, time and time and time again.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R) – CA of the 22nd district was waiting in line in the bakery of his home town of Tulare, California.  He had a list of breads and cakes that his wife Elizabeth had asked him to pick up for the church meeting they would be hosting after the service.  Devin scanned over the hand written list, 2x loaf white bread, 2x loaf whole wheat bread, 10 kaiser rolls and 1 loaf of pumpernickel bread.  It wasn’t that exstensive of a list but Devin’s mind was elsewhere.  As an important representative to the United States government, Devin had a lot tot hink about nowadays.  The woman behind the counter called out the next number.  Devin looked down at the number he held in his hand.  It was the same number.  And just as Devin was about to raise his hand and say, “that’s me!” some guy behind him in line said it for him, “that’s me!” and cut in front of Devin.  Now Devin wasn’t one to shy away from a confrontation, oh no, but on this Sunday morning Devin thought maybe, maybe he would just let this one go.  So Devin just stood there with his hands by his side waiting for the man who cut in front of him to get his order.  Maybe he’d say something to the guy as he walked out, yeah maybe he would. 
            The man turned from the counter with his packages of breads in his arms.  He saw Devin looking at him.  The man was not much bigger than Devin.  “The man recognized Devin.  “Hey Dev, how ya doing?” said the man to Devin.  “Wow, long time no see. I think that last time I saw you was sometime around high school graduation, man you ain’t changed a bit.  Well maybe a bit of a paunch around the middle and all.  Shit, remember that time I locked you in the janitors closet, ah ha that was a hoot! And now your like some sort of politico for the government and all.  Well I’ll be a cooters cousin.  Well good to see ya Dev.  Keep making America great again, you big pussy.” The guy said with a wink and shuffled the breads into one arm so he could slap Devin on the back with his other.
            Devin just stood there and tried to remember who the guy was or had been to him.  The memories oozed back into his brain and he began to sweat.  The woman behind the counter yelled out “OK, whose next?”  Devin just stood there as an elderly lady pushed by him and put her number ticket in the basket on the counter.  The woman ordered a black and white cookie and a danish.

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