zaterdag 11 augustus 2018

As only white middle aged sport enthusiastic fathers do

As only white middle aged sport enthusiastic fathers do

When Rand Paul was asked by his sons best friends father to help out with the local little league by being an umpire during the games, he was more than glad to help out.  To spend more time being busy with his sons activities when he did not need to be in Washington D.C. made Rand Paul a happy man. 
Standing behind homeplate with the protective mask on and the count indicator in his hand gave Rand Paul a grand feeling of power and responsibility.  Even when he threw his son out for just watching the pitches go by (even though most of them were not strikes), Rand Paul knew what he was doing was for the better good of not just his son but America as well.
Even when he called his own son out at a close call play at the plate that ultimately casued his sons team to lose the big game, Rand Paul stood with diginity, knowing in his heart that he had made the right call.
And even when the father of Rand Paul’s sons best friend came screaming out of the dugout, calling Rand Paul a “blind dumbass,” Rand Paul just smiled knowing that he had made the right call.
And in the end, even as Rand Paul and his son’s best friends father were wrestling on the ground, attempting to punch the shit out of one another (as only white middle aged sport enthusiastic fathers do). As both teams of little leaguers and all their family and friends, aunts and uncles, nanna’s and poppops who had gathered at the playing field to watch the big game, stood watching; Rand Paul knew in his heart of hearts that he had and always would make the right call for America.

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