dinsdag 3 juli 2018

We What People

We What People

I no longer have the constitution for.

We what people 

of these disconnected states

of distracted mindfulness.

We what people 

middle aged overweight
angry white men
the brown, the yellow,
the other for
not being able to get over
the top of whatever problems 

are holding them back.

We what people

unemployed and undereducated
black men and women with
a chip on their shoulders the size
of Africa
and with
a better chance of being shot at
or incarcerated

than getting a decent job
or a college education.

We what people

ultraconservative cry babies
can't get a grip on their lives

because God never
seems to
their 3 AM crisis of confidence calls.

We what people

the intimidated and
Pavlovian underclasses
to claw at one another
high priced items of distraction.

We what people

overeducated college graduates

raised of twisted viral online hate
who can't find the jobs
once were in abundance
but now seem to 
have fallen
through the cracks
corporate greed.

We what people

citizens under the rub
of guns and weaponry 

waving flags like crooked fingers

at the rest of the world 

while claiming that we the people

are by some psychotic providence
the chosen ones.

We what people

lost like a child in a fairytale forest

scared of our own shadows

crying and shivering with snot
upon our shirt sleeves
for we have forgotten
to lay out bread crumbs

to trace your steps back out of
our self created mayhem and mess
so we may return to a world
that looks down upon us
in jaw dropping awe.

We what people 

silver spoon fed propaganda

slogans proclaiming and
preaching what you yourself 

don't dare do or
say out loud

but only the balls to mutter
under your egg McMuffin breath
when there is nobody
in hearing distance of 

the office water cooler.

We what people

of bold brash statements

of seeding lies that grow
into fact

of breeding a hate that will
longer than
any of our lifespans

of setting our children up
to fight
conflicts created
out of our own impulsive insanity.

We what people

compliant and complacent 

accepting a slow death 

fenced in suburban dwellings 

safeguarded by quick draw security firms

from the influx of tired immigrants
who actually aren't that different
then your own forefathers were
only a century ago.

We what people 

where have our convoluted
contorted ideas
of our constitution 

lead us to.

We what people
In a so called civil society 

where our future leaders
and the protectors of 

what values we have left to squander

portray themselves like pro-wrestlers

inside steel cages of futile child like rage.

We what people 

of blaming the sexuality of another
for our crumbling social constructions.

We what people

drowning in a sitcom sewer
of being dumbed downed
the fear of being
out smarted by
our own potential.

We what people

of tongues ulcerated
the continuous insinuation
of insult and dead of sanctified spirit.

We what people

with your right wing
glued to the Bible 

swearing to tell the truth 

all the holes in your truth

while living the lie

that these Misguided States of America

were really ever established
for all the people,

We what people.

We the people.

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