dinsdag 3 juli 2018

So, I hadn’t heard from the Universe for a few days.

So, I hadn’t heard from the Universe for a few days and I was honestly a bit concerned.  The last few times we had hungout I got the feeling that the Universe was not in its best headspace.  So, Instead of texting I actually called the Universe up. 
“Yo, what’s up?” I asked when the Universe answered the phone.
“Not much with me and you?”
“Well, I am doing fine thanks but I was a bit worried about you.  I hadn’t heard anything form you for a few days, I was getting a bit concerned.”
“Ah…thanks for your concern.  It is just that I am honestly not a real people person.  If I spend too much time with one person I get a bit, I don’t know, aggitated.”
“Oh, sorry if I was getting on your nerves man.” I said feeling a bit aggitated myself.
“Don’t take it personally dude, it is not really about you per se, just people in general.  You guys ask a lot with out even knowing that you actually do.  Asking me for this or that, crying out to me to answer your questions, fix your problems, manifest your dreams.  It is a lot to contend with sometimes.”
“Yeah, I guess so.” I replied, not really sure what else to say.
“Maybe I am just not good with actuall building relationships.  I mean you have been a good friend since we started hanging out, so it is not your fault really.  I get a bit weirded out by attachment, I am sort of a free spirit don’t ya know.”
“Yeah, well aren’t we all to a certain extent.”
“I guess so but my last relationship left me a feeling a bit hallow.  You know that the World and I dated for awhile.  Suprisingly enough we meet via Tinder.  I really hesistated before swiping right but I thought, ah what the hell.  The photos the World had posted were pretty hot.  Maybe I was looking for style over substance.  I mean its Tinder after all.  Ok, honestly I was just looking to get laid.  I didn’t expect to fall in love and then have my heart and soul crushed by the World.  Ah, what can one expect from the World after all.”
“Wow, that is tough.” I answered once the Universe had stopped rambling. “Sorry, I had no idea.  I mean I kinda always figured you had something with the World but I didn’t know it went so deep.  I get it why you are a bit stand-offish towards anything having to do with the World nowadays.”
“Yeah, it still upsets me when I think about it all but what can you do?  Life goes on and the Universe keeps expanding, doesn’t it?”
“True that.” I said.
“True that.” repeated the Universe.

“So, shall I give you a call in a week or two and see what’s up?  If you feel like hanging out or just doing nothing together is also cool with me.” I asked the Universe.
“Yeah man, thanks.  I appreciate your patience with me and your friendship.  It means something to me.  The Universe as vast as I am still needs a bit of love now and again.”
“I got you covered bro and I don’t need anything in return.”
“But what about all those gigs you asked me to manifest?” asked the Universe.  I could hear the cheeky sarcasm coming back into the Universe’s voice.
“Let it be, the gigs will happen when the bookers and programmers get their heads out of their asses.  That even you can’t help.”
“Amen to that.” laughed the Universe.
“Amen to that.” I replied and ended the call.

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