donderdag 5 juli 2018

The Universe and a full pack of smokes

The Universe and a full pack of smokes

So, the Universe and I were back hanging out again. A few weeks had passed. I had gotten on with life as one is prone to do. Out of the red white and blue, it did happen to be the 4th of July in America, and the Universe strolls into the shop.
“Hey how’s it going?” I asked.
“Good, man and with you?”
“Fine.” I replied.
“Got time for a coffee?” asked the universe.
“Always time for a coffee.” I replied.

We sat outside the shop, the warm summer sun resting upon upon us. The Universe lit up a cigarette and offered me one.
“No thanks. To early in the day for me.” I replied.
The Universe stuck the cigarette back in the pack.
“I hate to smoke alone.”
“So, you been good?” I asked.
“Much better, thanks. Some time on my own did me good. And you? What have you been up to?”
“Oh, you know the same old thing. Shop goes up and down, played some gigs, family is healthy, marriage in a good place. So, yeah doing fine?”
“Nothing special happened lately?”
“Not really, what do you mean?” I had the feeling that the Universe was fishing for something.
“You know I heard via via that you hung out with a Parallel Universe recently.”
“Oh that,” I replied, “that was nothing, no click at all. That Universe was way to happy for me. Why are you asking anyway, you jealous or something?”
“Jealous, me? I am the fucking Universe what do I have to be jealous about?”
“Ok, ok don’t get all sensitive on me now. You were the one who needed time off. I was just going on with my life.” I said.
“You know that your life is empty with out the Universe to fill it up.”
“Yeah well I think it cuts both ways.” I replied. “Without me in you, what sort of Universe are you anyway? I cease to exist and my vision of you is over. The Universe may go on but never in the same way.”
The Universe took out the pack of cigarettes. He took two out and lit them both and passed me one.
“You may be wrong, you may be right.”
“Shit, don’t be going all Billy Joel philosophical on me.” I said.
“ It is good to see you again. I might have actually missed hanging out with you.” Said the Universe.
“Yeah, me too.” I said.

This guy I used to sort of know, musician type came walking down the street. He stopped in front of us. He had looked better. He looked like he had a lot on his mind. He asked us if he could bum a smoke.
“Sorry man, I don’t have any but the Universe might.” I said.
The guy looked at the Universe who shook its head.
“Sorry bro, I am also out.”
The guy frowned and turned, walking back up the street.
“I thought you had a full pack?” I said to the Universe.
“I do,” answered the Universe while lighting another. “You know that guy, well I know that that guy doesn’t think that the Universe cares and I didn’t feel like proving him wrong."
“I get that.” I said.

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