vrijdag 6 juli 2018

The Universe and I and the all the flavors of happiness.

So, the Universe and I decided to treat ourselves to some ice cream. And not just any ice cream but some Italian Gelatto. So we headed over to the Garrone Ijssalon just around the corner from the shop. “The best in Haarlemtown,” stated the Universe. I could only agree.
Amazing how even in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of the week and there is a line out the door. Ok, so it has been around 25 degrees all week and well with this type of weather, who doesn’t want some ice cream? We waited patiently in the cue and eventually came to the old school cash register. The girl behind the register asked what we wanted. The Universe looked over all the cup sizes, a puzzled expression on its face.
“I would like a cup with three flavors please.” I said.
The Universe looked at me “that’s it?”
“That is my standard. And yes it is always enough.”
“Uhmm, can I have a cup for eight flavors please.” ordered the Universe.
“So.” I laughed.

We got our receipt and patiently waited in line to be helped by one of the young ladies behind the ice cream counter. The Universe craning its kneck to see what special flavors awaited tasting.
“Who can I help please?”
The Universe thrusted the receipt forward, “We are next!”
The girl took the receipt from the Universe and looked it over. She grabbed a small cup and a what larger one.
“Who had the cup with three flavors?”
“That is me.” I answered.
The girl looked at me for my instructions.
“Pistachio, Tiramisu, and Creme Brulee please.”
The girl dug into the ice cream display case and whipped my three flavors into the cup. Topping it with a waffle cookie and small pink plastic spoon.
“Here you are. Enjoy.” She said handing the gelatto cup over the counter to me.
“Oh, I will, thank you.” I said smiling.
I shuffled down the line towards the exit to make room for the next customers but waited to see what the Universe would be ordering.

“What can I do for you?” asked the girl to the Universe.
“Uhmmmm….uhhhh…” stammered the Universe, its eyeballs glazing over, attempting to take in all the colors and possible flavors in the display case.
“Can I try that one please?” the Universe said, pointing to a dark cremey looking chocolate flavor.
The girl scooped a small amount onto a plastic spoon and handed it to the Universe. The Universe put the spoon its mout hand licked off the ice cream. The Universes face lit up. An expression not unlike that of a small child crossed the Universes face.
“That is delicious,” said the Universe. “I will have that one and that one and that one and that one…” The Universe started pointing at random ice creams in the display case.
“Sorry, I lost patience to taste, I just want some gelatto.” Said the Universe to me.
“I’ll meet you outside.” I said.

I stood outside the Garrone and ate my ice cream while watching the people coming and going along the Grote Houtstraat. The line inside continued to reach outside the shops doors. Children hopped around, parents looked at their phones, Grandparents fell asleep in the few chairs under the umbrellas.
The Universe walked out of the shop, that big smile plastered on its face.
“Shall we walk?” I asked.
“Let’s.” Said the Universe.
So we walked the down the Grote Houtstraat admiring the awfulness of consumer choice.
At the end of the street we cut left and then back up the Gierstraat. We admired the small independent shops, wondered how each afforded to pay the rent, the aggressiveness of the cyclists and the stupidity of those walking in the middle of the street. It was nice to be out and about in the city.
We got back to shop, my ice cream long finished. The Universe was holding its stomach, its skin tone a shade not unlike that of my pistachio ice cream.
“You ok?” I asked.
“Uh, I don’t feel to well. I think I ate too much gelatto.”
“Come in and sit down then.”
“I think I need to use your bathroom if that is ok?” moaned the Universe.
“Yeah of course, go ahead.”
The Universe made a b-line for the toilet. I heard a loud groan eminate from behind the door. I figured the Universe would be in there for awhile. I went back outside and sat down in one of the chairs outside of the shop and lit a cigarette. My stomach growled, my bowels clenched and I hoped that the Universe would make it’s shit, relatively quick, though knew all to well that there was some good reading material there next to the bowl.

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