vrijdag 27 juli 2018

Floating in the shallow end
of the kiddie pool
upon an inflatible shit emoji,

when a woman I recognize
from my daughters school
floats on by upon
an inflatible unicorn

and says to me,
“lekker heh.”

I notice
the chop shop tattoo
on her lower back
that she probably got
some 20 years ago

and smile and as
she drifts on by
then say,
“ja, wij zijn zekker

As all the little kids splash
and scream and thrash
in the chlorinated water
and my daughter is yelling at me
“Poppa, kijk! Poppa kijk, Poppa kijk wat ik kan!”
and I ‘m watching her splash water
in her own face and I’m laughing

then get to thinking how
some of us reveal
that much more
about ourselves
the temperature rises
and the schoolplein is
geruiled for the
local swimming pool.

When some heavyset kid
does a cannonball right
infront of my face,

gets me
to wonder

how recyclable
any of
this inflatible shit
is anyway.

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