zaterdag 21 juli 2018

So, the Universe and I were having a fine time enjoying the takke herrie at the Parksessies when…

So, the Universe and I were having a fine time enjoying the takke herrie at the Parksessies when…

an older man came walking up to me and said, “dit kan niet! Dit is niet de bedoeling van a picnic, it is ruining the atmosphere!” I assumed he was refering to the band that was currently playing on the stage in the middle of the field. There was anger, frustration and humus inbetween every wrinkle in his face. A crumpled up blanket under his arm. A half empy bottle of rose in the other. His wife stood next to him silently starring into the dirt.

“Sir,” I said, “actually dit kan en dit is geen picnic, dit is the Parksessies.”
The old man frowned and walked away and the sun laughed out loud and I smiled and the Universe asked me what that was all about and I said,
“I don’t think the old guy appreciates our musical programming today.”
“Oh,” said the Universe, “fuck ‘em.”
“Yeah, some people are a bit confused about what we are doing here in the Hout today.”
“some people are just confused in general.” said the Universe.
“Better they just go and picnic in the Kenaupark then.” I said.
“Or maybe just open their minds and not just their bottles of rose’.” said the Universe.
“Some woman who lives somewhere around the park sent an email to the organization titled “Wat een doffe ellende”. She also seemed a bit dissatisfied with the musical programming.”
“Well then fuck her too.” the Universe said with a smile.
“yeah and some other woman from Heemstede called and said that her three month old baby couldn’t sleep and was crying due to the “noise” from the music.” I said.
“Did someone tell her to just give her kid a tit and chill the fuck out?” asked the Universe.
“Maybe, probably not in so many words. I said with a laugh.
“Mensen.” said the Universe.
“Muggen.” I replied.
“Beer?” asked the Universe.
“lets.” I said.

And the noise and the takke herrie and the doffe ellende rolled onto into the evening as the sun went down smiling and the picnicing people continued to picnic oblivious to the artforms evolving around them and the local newspaper reported about what went wrong and not about what went right and the photo in the newspaper was off people picnicing and not of the anyone interacting with the art and many people thanked me for the Parksessies and as always I took the compliments graciously for all the people behind the scenes and took a simple glee in how some people were pissed off and it was my pleasure to remind everyone that this was not a picnic but these were the Parksessies and the Universe was wondering if anyone found its sunglasses.

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