woensdag 20 juni 2018

Give me this moment.

Give me this moment to comtemplate.
When I stop to take a breath
And the universe sits down beside me
And we shake hands and exchange pleasantries
And we ask one another how’s it going
And both nod, yeah it’s going ok
And the universe asks me how the shop is going
And I say that it goes up and down and that it
would be nice if the universe would more often stop by
but I understand cause I figure that the universe is pretty busy
and the universe apologises and i say no worries
and I ask the universe how its own business is going
and the universe falls silent and just sort of stares
off into the distance, focusing in on the kids playing
on the playground across the street and the universe
turns to me and says, its tough, you know
and I just nod my head a bit more and say
I can’t imagine.
For a while after that we just sat there saying
nothing to one another and that was fine.
The universe offered me a cigarette and I said
no thanks, I am trying not to smoke during the day
and the universe asked me if I had a light
and I said sure and offered the universe my lighter
and said keep it, I have another
and the universe said thanks and I said
no problem.
The universe smoked its cigarette then flicked the end
into the sewer grate close to its feet
well I gotta get back to the shop I said
and I offered my hand to the universe
and we shook and the universe said that it
would try to stop by the shop sometime and I said
that I’d see ‘em when I see ‘em.
And back in the shop I sat down
behind the cluttered little desk in the corner of the shop
and took another breath then
wrote this.

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