woensdag 20 juni 2018

From under the serenity of my headphones

The kid sat in the middle of the supermarket aisle behind the kids shopping cart with the touch screen computer pad. His mother searched the shelf for the deodorant that her husband had to use. I walked passed the kid and noticed he had the index finger from his right hand jammed up his nose. ‘Go get’em kid!’, I laughed to myself.
The woman before me was just being a black fake leather bound notebook and a bag of marshmellow candy the dutch are so found of. I figured she had a big day ahead of her. Hyped up on sugar she would hand write the great dutch feminine menopausal manifesto. Or maybe she was just the supervisor at some midlevel company, had to take notes at another boring ass meeting and figure giving everyone some candy would make it less painful and maybe a bit more vibrant.
Out of the corner of my right eye I noticed the kid who I had just passed with his finger probing his nostril cavity push his little cart filled with beans and pickles and canned fruit cocktail, pass right by me, around the security gate from the closed checkout next tot his one. The kid just nonchalantly pushed his cart forward got past the registers and sort just stood there with the expression on his face like, what now and I may have peed my pants.
I looked around to see where this kids mother was. I didn’t see her at first. Then she came out of the aisle, her eyes scanning her boy. From where she was and from where he stood, I could see that neither one of them could see each other. From underneath the serenity of my headphones I could hear her calling for her son. “Mewrouw, hij is daar.”, I said. But from under my headphones I was not actually aware how loud I had actually said what I said. I reoved my headphones, “Ma’am, he is over there.” I said, pointing towards the end of the cash register. “Thanks.”, she replied, abandoning her cart and going after the boy.
“Ik had dat helemaal niet gezien.” Said the woman behind me.
“Yeah, Ik heb ook een jonge kind. Moet altijd opletten in the supermarket, anders loopt ze zomaar weg.”
“Ik heb dat helemaal niet gezien.” Repeated the woman.
Bonus card, PIN, no reciept, thank you and even after all that, no robot stickers.

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