zondag 17 maart 2019

Joe Strummer once said that the future is unwritten

Joe Strummer once said that the future is unwritten,

and while this idea gets me at times wondering
about the storytellers of the past
and how those amongst us still
busy themselves writing stories that
engage the evolved inhabitants of planet earth
in dystopian futures that look rather dim
from this side of the coin,

These futures portrayed all seem to be
ones that will be rather unpleasant
for more than just some.

And as we the readers of novels
and watchers of screens
keep waiting and wondering
pondering how the actual future will  
play itself out.

For if it is, as Joe Strummer once said
that the future is unwritten,

it does gets this reader of novels and watcher of screens
to wondering about the consequence of all of this dire storytelling
and about the portrayal of the possibilities of
our future days and if this
sort of dystopian storytelling is not just our human way
of predetermining our own twisted prophecies
one by one by one
each and every day.

For if the future is truly unwritten
then how will we free our present selves

from being held hostage
by the obviousness
of our modern ways

this Stockholm Syndrone
of our own cynical cycles

as we are held at gunpoint by both
ill informed and overeducated opinions,
how we are all accountable
regardless of which side of
the camera phone you stand,

and as we allow world and local leaders
to act as enablers and feeders
coercing the masses to gorge itself upon
this modern age dietary rage
of burning the calories of our compulsive need
to fill enraged,

this twisted way of laying claim
upon this world
instead of ever actually becoming

For if Joe Strummer  
once said that the future is unwritten,

and now more than ever we the still living
must be increasingly aware
of becoming naive or just to damn
dumb enough not to know

that one day in that unwritten future
that we who have not been blindsided by hindsight
will be confronted once again
to look back in shame
about the present way
that so many of us are now
prone to act.

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