vrijdag 22 maart 2019

Emancipate the White Man

Emancipate the white man from his born into this white privilege
and liberate him from his He-Man Masters of the Universe status.

As you the ethnic and gender underclasses
of the world
grind your teeth in irritation of
his cultural appropriational ways.

Please do not judge the white man
for this is just his way of
showing appreciation for
a culture not his own,

for as a white savior
these cracka’s amongst us
need to create cultures by sometimes
stealing from ones that come
already colored in.

Emancipate the oversexed white man from his public shame
as he accepts his own blame for sending dick picks
to secretaries and under age chicks
for his libido has been raised as a Playboy slave  
led to believe thay every sexual advance from puberty on,
should go his way.

Emancipate the white businessman for his ascension up
the ladder of success
for he is only doing more or less what
he deems to be his best and well those
struggles of minorities and women
are just not expierences that
a white man of privilege
can relate to or attest.

Emancipate the elitist white golfers and doctors
Lawyers and CEO’s of evening news shows.
Emancipate the God loving, Manifest Destiny
white power preachers from their fear of their own
daughters or sons being enaged in a genderfluid
bi-racial matrimony.

Emancipate the white frat boy from
his past coming back to haunt him
and his alcohol induced collegiate bad boy ways
for why should his Ivy League skull and bones
laissez-faire attitude be held over him
while sitting upon the Supreme Court.

Emancipate the white real estate developer from
his trickle down economy
and his God given right to gentrify
every corner of every city,
as poverty is not his problem
when buying up and reselling properties
at an overinflated rate.

For the slow death of ethnic communities
is his suit and tie contribution
to the new age final solution.

Emancipate the white liberal savior
from his affirmative action saving grace and
forgive his homage to Malcolm X last Halloween
as just an honest mistake, for he did know better,
when he showed up at the office costume party
in black face.

Emancipate the white man from the hole
he and his predecessors have dug for themselves 
while at the same time burying all of those who
have never fit into their blue eyed mold

for the history of the world
seen through the white mans eyes
is a storyline narrative
that is in dire need of  
being retold.


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