dinsdag 26 februari 2019

Neither the smell nor the taste of the popcorn is the same as it used to be.

The snow came hard and fast
piled up high and closed all the schools.

The children free from
the restraints of education
frolicked and rode sleighs and
build sexually and racially ambigious snowpersons
in vacant lots for these kids
did not have front or backyards.

Now some of the these snowpersons
had snowboobs
and some had snowpenises
and some actually had both,

and they all had noses made of half eaten carrots
and big smiles that sucked on
hashpipes stolen from older siblings

After a few days
the snowpersons of ambigious gender
began to change from snow white to a darker shade
do to all the soot and dirt
from the factories and highways surroundings
the neighborhoods filled with vacant lots.

And the faces of the snowpersons changed
from snowwhite to what some said was off black
And someone with too much time on their hands
made a photo of the now darker snowpersons
with ambigious gender
and posted it online accusing the children of
building ambigious snowpersons with blackface.

And the children shrugged their shoulders and
said they had no idea what the adults were
talking about

and the Academy Awards happened and
many people said oooh and aaah and
Martin Luther King is still dead
and so is Malcolm X and Abraham Lincoln too
and who is suprised that John Wayne was a racist and
Spike Lee finally
won an Oscar and some other people

And an artist wore a tuxedo dress that made
a social political impact upon the red carpet
and probably cost more to produce
than most people earn in a month

and well those snowpersons covered in soot
continued to smoke their hashpipes and didn’t seem bothered
and some people went a bit crazy on social media about the snowpersons
and the Oscars and even tweeted attacks
aimed at the local children who had built the snowpersons
of ambigious gender calling them racists
and the t.v. talkshows went blah blah blah about the Oscars and
the snowpersons of ambigious gender and race
and many people spoke very self righteously about it all
as many many people seemed to enjoy doing so
and many white people scratched their heads and
many black people did the same thing
but for different reasons

and eventually the weather cleared up and the children
had to go back to school
and they continued playing together upon playgrounds
that had been built between factories and highways
and the swings there were also covered in soot

and a few days later the sun came out and the temperature rose
and those snowpersons of ambigious gender and race
well they just melted away and all that was left
in their place were hashpipes lying
in pools of dirty water, with a few pebbles that had been used as eyes
and a couple of half eaten carrots that had days before been noses.

And most people enjoyed the thaw
while others knew that
there was always another deep freeze
on the way
one day.

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