donderdag 21 februari 2019

A daily mantra for those with a fast food diet

Make a structure,
set a goal,
let the chaos of the universe
fill that hole.

cherish your contradictions,
bath once a week in hypocrisy
and make sure you floss twice a day
in self doubt.

Use vitriol instead of vitamins
to fortify ones immunity against the irritation of the assholes around you.
Stretch your hamstrings, your quads and
your threshold for toleration
each and every day.

Know that the game of intergration is played upon
an uneven playingfield where
even if most of the players are black that
the ball is almost aways in
the white teams court.

Eat Spaghetti O’s right out of the can with a silverspoon,
recognize the politics baked into all those puff pastry promises as nothing more than salted butter flour and
hot air.

And that sulphur that you smell
well that is the skin of so many human souls burning
for, Hell on earth will be the real game changer
as we are told to bend over and spread our ass cheeks
as we all wait to be fucked 
by global warming.

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