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Why Dallas Woodhouse believes he is the incarnation of Matt Dillon's character Dally Winston from The Outsiders

When Dallas Woodhouse the Executive Director of the North Carolina Republican Party since October 2015 was a young teenager he went to see the film version of the book, The Outsiders written by S.E. Hinton. Now, Dallas had never read the book, felt that reading was for pussies and well just a waste of time.  There was a whole world of squirrels and pigeons out there to shoot with his bb gun, so why waste time on fiction.
It was on a Friday afternoon in the end of March that Dallas’ friend Robert James, BJ for short, called him up and asked what he was doing that evening.  Dallas had no plans, so he said that he had no plans and asked if BJ had any plans.  BJ said that there was a new film out that he wanted to see and if was opening that night in the Old Majestic theater in downtown Raleigh.  Dallas said that if BJ bought the popcorn he would join him.  BJ said that Dallas was an asshole but that he would still by the popcorn.  Dallas knew that BJ would just be stealing the money from his own mothers purse anyway.  So what did it matter.  Young Dallas had a crush on BJ’s mother.  He thought she was a hotty.
That evening the two boys took the number 15 bus into downtown Raleigh.  Being out alone with no parents around was always a hoot for the two friends.  Mischief, petty shoplifting, and a whole lot of sugar would fuel their evenings together.  At the Old Majestic, the boys waited in line to buy tickets.  “What is the name of the film again?” asked Dallas.  “The Outsiders.” said BJ.
After a long wait, the boys got their tickets and their popcorn, their soda pop and malted chocolate balls.  They found seats up close to the screen as the theater was already almost completely full.  The boys giggled amongst one another, throwing popcorn into the hair of the girls sitting a few rows in front of them.
The house lights dimmed and the film began.  At first impression Dallas found the characters of the “Greasers” to be pathetic ugly losers and the “Socs” to be the kinda guy that he wanted to be.  Clean cut and good looking, nice cars and a pretty girl on their arm.  When the one Socs got stabbed by the Greaser played by Ralph Macchio, Dallas felt himself get angry.  It was not until the following scene where the characters of Ponyboy and Johnny go to find their friend Dallas Winston for help that Dallas flet his opinion start to change .
Dallas thought that this character was the coolest character he had ever seen in a film before.  A true American rebel with guts and good looks.  Just like he himself believed to have.  Every time the character of Dally came on the big screen, Dallas the young boy from North Carolina became transfixed.  In that infamous scene where Dallas Winston rolls over in the hospital bed, butterfly knife in hand, saying “let’s do it for Johnny man, do it for Johnny!” Dalls felt a chill go down his spine.  Later in the film, just before the rumble between the Greasers and Socs starts and Dally comes running through the rain shouting “don’t you know a rumble ain’t a rumble without me,” young Dallas clutch his fists together in anticipation and punched his friend BJ in the arm.  BJ just looked over at his friend leaning forward in his chair with his mouth wide open, popcorn falling out and nodded his head.  At the dramatic climax of the film where Dally meets his end, shot dead by the cops, Dallas felt an anguish of pain flow over him like he had never before.  The film had rocked his young world.        
            For days and weeks after the boys had seen The Outsiders, Dallas would slick back his hair and ask his friends to call him Dally.  He insisted to his mother that he had a distinct resemblance to the actor Matt Dillon who portrayed Dallas Winston in the film.  His mother just smiled at him and told Dallas to scoot on down to the market for some milk. His friend BJ just laughed and reminded Dallas that he had done the same thing after seeing Star Wars. How he had made everyone call him Han Solo and how he had claimed to look just like Harrison Ford.  Dallas told BJ to fuck off and just call him Dally.  And everytime anyone had asked him to do anything at all, Dallas always answered them by saying “let’s do it for Johnny man, do it for Johnny!”  For a long time people just stopped asking Dallas to do anything at all.  His own mother had grown so tired of this that she just went to the market for the milk herself. BJ grew bored with his friends behavior and started hanging out with a guy named Terrence who was new in town and owned an Atari 2600.
            Later in life, even as an adult, Dallas still asked all of his friends and girlfriends to call him Dally.  Till this day he had felt an affinity with the character of Dallas Winston.  A true rebel who would stand by his friends, through thick or thin, even when that could lead to death.  Now as the Executive Director of the North Carolina Republican Party, Dallas applied this same passion to his persuance of Republican values.  The liberals and the Democrats he saw as Socs, representing the spolied weak side of Americas golden dream.  The Greasers represented to him the true hard working blue collar Americans that made America great.  Dallas would do what ever it would take to win every rumble between the Republicans and the lying dirty cheaters of Democratic party.   And before every speech he gave or gathering of Republicans that he would hold in North Carolina, he would shout out, “let’s do it for Donnie, man! Do it for Donnie!”

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