vrijdag 14 september 2018

How I had to step up and just let the human race expire.

The invasion had ended as abruptly as it had started. After all the years of films and literature dealing with an alien invasion, not a soul on earth saw it coming. Truly “out of the blue” the aliens had arrived in the earths atmosphere and set to task wiping out humanity. How or why I survived, at that moment I had no idea. It had all happened so fast. A blast of intense light and every other living creature was gone. I stumbled out into the street in a daze.
When the aliens scooped me up from the fetal position in the middle of the street outside of my home I was in a state of shock. Yet somehow I could understand that they were communicating with me and I was not afraid. If the aliens were communicating to me telephatically or verbally, I can’t recall. Whatever it was that they were going to do to me at that moment I had no choice in the matter.
I awoke standing naked in the middle of a large room, surrounded by hundreds of floating orbs of light humming around me. The orbs gave off a warmth that heated my body. Slowly the orbs began to give way to an even larger orb of light coming towards me from a distance. This larger orb settled itself just before me. Once again I felt the orbs communicating with me. Somehow I understood that this orb was telling me that they had been forced to exterminate the human race for the betterment of the rest of the universe. That the effect of human society on the rest of the universe had reached detrimental proportions. To save the rest of the universe and what lay beyond, humanity had to be wiped out. It had all been done without malice and as painless as possible; that the aliens were even sorry that it had come to this. The reason they had kept me alive was in the hope of giving the human race a reboost, a second chance. I was not special but had by chance won their version of a lottery and that maybe if humanity started from scratch things on earth would evolve differently.
I stood there and nodded in understanding. Even in my state of shock, of having lost everything that meant anything to me, I got it, I understood. That aliens would take pre-emptive measures to save themselves from us, was not beyond comprehension. Without actually speaking I said to the orb of light before me that I understood their reasoning. I continued by nonverbally saying that I was sure that they as a race already knew that for humans to procreate a new partner for myself was necessary. The orb of light before me communicated back to me that they had already sorted that out.
From a distance I could make out the image of a woman walking towards me. She was tall, blonde, thin. My libido quickly told my brain that I would have no problem procreating with this woman. The aliens understood this and began to glow brighter. As the woman approached I began to hear her the voice of the woman shouting.
“I am in no way playing Eve to this Jew Adam. No, no no! Why couldn’t you stupid aliens have saved one pure white blooded american man to restart this all with me.”
Slowly, from somewhere out of the recesses of my mind, I began to recognize the woman from somewhere. Then it dawned on me. The erection that had formed shrank to its normal size. And I thought, why oh why oh why had the aliens gotten rid of everyone on the planet accept me and the white nationalist radio host Lana Lotkeff. What a fucking bummer. If I had won the lottery well then the human race was lost.
I looked to the large orb of light in front of me and communicated with it.
“I am sorry man but there is no hope for humanity. Please either just kill me or let me be because this woman and I will in no way be giving a reboost to anything. It’s just not gonna happen, sorry.” The orbs of lights around me began to dim. I felt a cold chill in the chamber. I began to worry. Then it came to me.
And I said without speaking, “why give a failed species like humans a reboost? Why not hook me up with one of your own. An alien and an earthling, who knows what the potential may be for the universe? This woman here ain’t going to cut it for me. So it is either her or me.”
The orbs of light began to hum and glow, flickering faster and faster as if they were in conversation with one another. During all of this Lana Lotkeff kept yelling and complaing about the aliens around her. “White power this, white power that, I ain’t doing shit with this big nosed jew,” on and on she kept complaining. All of a sudden the each orb of light went dark, all except for the large one before me. In that instance all the hundreds of now darkened orbs fell upon Lotkeff and pummeled her into a liquid substance covered in stringy bloned hair. And then there I was, the last human being alive. I smiled knowing that I was dealing with an intelligent life form. The orbs began glowing a rainbow of different colors, humming about me. From a distance I noticed a pink glowing orb moving towards me and I asked the glowing orb before me if their species believed in karma.

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