donderdag 30 augustus 2018

In the end What occurs is What is meant to be.

Create your way
And defile that
Which is held up
As gold.

Murder the word
Play at resurection.
Defy the politics
And be careful of
Prophets with beards
And bald heads.

Measure your consequence
By the length of your dick.
Understand that the portrayal
Of beauty is a marketing scam.

Seize the moment
to upset the crowd
gathered to be engaged.

Enlightenment is a fools rush
To understand eternity.
The poet must be a savage.
The public serves only
As garnish at the feast.

Write what defies you
Define what engages you
Destroy what irritates sight
Destiny is blindness begging
For insight.

In the end
What occurs is
What is meant to be.

Fuck all logic.

Take the moment
By the throat and

And never forget
To smile and laugh
While being engaged
By a maniac with
A beard and bald

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