zondag 8 juli 2018

Somebody said that the first kiss has nothing to do with common sense.

Somebody said that the first kiss has nothing to do with common sense.

She showered after breakfast washing the oatmeal out of her hair but saved the raisins behind her ears for lunch.

Since they started watching shows on Netflix there was no longer a chance to check on the kids inbetween commercial breaks. Assumption was no longer a dirty word in their household but they did assume, night after night that the children were still breathing.

Eventually, the immigrants just got bored and left the white people to cut their own lawns and cook their own food. In no time the landscape became overgrown and the white people well they just stayed fat.

She said you can tell that that kid over there is a racist just by looking at his haircut.

He said that, if he had only known how speaking Spanish in public would piss off so many people nowadays, he would have payed that much more attention and showed much more respect to Mr. Vasquez while in high school.

So often the tough guys were the ones who got the girls. I always wondered what the girls got in return.

He said, more or less, give or take, you’ll never catch a fucking break by buying a used cadillac from a man still driving a horse and carriage.

The headline read, “Outbreak Salmonella Poisoning during Summit meeting between U.S. and Russia, and the world sang Kumbaya.”

And in a related story the national IQ seems to have plummeted once a large section of the country discovered there was something called the Bill of Rights.

But hey who is really to say that with abortion being made illegal that cases of babies born with more than ten toes into christian families will dramatically increase. I mean really who is to say but God, well God is the one who will ever truly know.

That Mike Pence is a just a Gomer Goebbels in waiting.

As evolution holds its breath

And with increasing impatience we wait

for someone


to come out of the closet with

a proper remix


We Shall Overcome.

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