woensdag 27 juni 2018

The Universe and the kid sitting in the middle of the street.

                So the Universe and I were strolling through the streets of the Leidsebuurt just the other day and there is this kid sitting there right in the middle of the Brouwersstraat.  And we walk up to the kid and the kid just sort of ignores us.  I look at the Universe and the Universe looks at me and we both shrug our shoulders, looking down at this little kid sitting in the middle of the street. 
So I ask the kid, “what are you doing sitting here in the middle of the street?”
And the kid looks up at us and says “what’s it to you?”
And the Universe almost chokes on its chewing gum.
“What’s your name kid,” I ask.
And the kid says again, “what’s it to you?”
“Do you know who I am?” asks the Universe of the kid.
And the kid says “you’re the Universe.”
And the Universe sort of just stands there a bit stunned, “how did you know that I am the Universe?”
 And the kids says “it’s written all over your face.”
And I have to laugh and the Universe is all like “dude wtf.”
“So, kid do you know who I am?” I ask.
“Yeah, you’re Mr. Weird Beard.  I saw you at Bevrijdingspop.  You say fuck a lot don’t you.  I’d be a bit embarassed if my father said fuck that musch in public.”
“Well, who the fuck is your father then?” I asked a bit amused and a bit annoyed at the same time.
The Universe put its hand on my shoulder and said “dude, does it matter?  Fuck this kid.  Let him sit in the middle of the street for all I care.  Where are his parents anyhow?” 
So the Universe and I looked down at this little perfect specimen of Dutch semen and estrogen and said, “see ya you little prick, don’t get run over.”
And the little kid sitting in the middle of the street well he gave us both the middle finger,
and I thought,  man fuck these people moving to here from Amsterdam.

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