zaterdag 23 juni 2018

the universe and the head full of hangover

-Milk and sugar?
-Glass of water?
-Piece of lemon in it?
Why not?
-Have you eaten?
I haven’t eaten.
-Shall I fry us up some eggs?
I can always eat.
-Slices of tomato?
The good life.
-Here ya go.
Do you have tobasco?
-Of course I have tobasco.
I need tobasco.
-I understand that need.
Thank you, I needed this.
-No problem.  More coffee?
-and now what
Let me do the dishes for you and we shall see.
-I can let you do the dishes.
I’ll wash and you can dry.
-I don’t dry, I let the universe do that.
I understand that.
-Well thank you for understanding that.
It is the least I can do.

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