donderdag 13 mei 2021




move, move to motivate a fractured world

a world that too often in a time of need

sits dumbfounded upon

its own feeble hands, hands that too often

and otherwise spend days woven together,

as if clasped hands could actually catch mercy

or if mercy and compassion could actually

arrive out of grasping, grasping onto our internal nightmares

instead of actually reaching out with stretched arms

and open hands, hands ready to catch, to comfort or

when necessary actually take a bit of control

of the chaos being instigated by those with

clasped hands or those who still sit upon their hands

equally aware and yet uninterested in doing anything,

anything but clasping their hand in contemplation,

contemplating the end of the conflicts that confine us all

but without actually getting off their asses, to do anything to

help motivate some sort of cohesion for this

fractured world.


donderdag 1 april 2021

Crystal ball sees what worries,


Brain drain all the same

simple showcase sales today

origin story quick to tell

cerebral real estate is what we sell.


Cash for content – question of intent,

what you have to say is no longer relevant,

unsure my footing upon

the playing field I circumvent.


Move foward freeze frame

children play the same game

park bench picking daisy’s

know at least five other people

I can accuse of not being lazy.


Spring time

cool breeze

sky blue

winters over

thought about

the price paid

for what was stolen

and sold back

to you.


And the jury confirmed,

desperation inspires

that which desires.


donderdag 25 maart 2021

That if we should, then yes we can

It’s the reach around

words that form meaning

donate dollars to support reason

buy some stuff to satisfy

the cravings of the care we need

back rubs for potential queens

talk show hosts shake their head

serial killers inhabit dreams

saving coupons for upcoming

gang bang groupons,

masturbate excerbate

five star service is how we rate,

telling you the truth is tired

high school teachers living wired

juiced up and plugged in

living off of VR sin,

order out and stay in-

cash flow clogged drains

the slow demise of

fruitful brains,


How can we be living free

when all the cameras see

what we can’t see.


Esoteric pig-pen

politics of staying zen

back and forth

do it again

decision making




the common good

what was the use

when you said


that if we should

then yes we can






Shopping center

battle ground

murder in

a small town

infant scrollers

comment trollers

going viral, VD

mugshots on their CV

bottom feeders,

twitter feed

tweets from twats

is all i see.


Taught to question what I read

makes me wonder

about our democracy.

Should there be another name

for the game

that we are playing,

leading us to believe

that the given choices

make us free,

in this modern world of 

“it’s all for me – democracy”


all the rage cage fist fights

movie import insights

politican gaslight

educated suit and tie alt-right

insecure up all night,

the American scheme

is as it seems,


How can we be living free

when all the cameras see

what we can’t see.


Esoteric pig-pen

politics of staying zen

back and forth

do it again

decision making




the common good

what was the use

when you said


that if we should

then yes we can.


Guardrails and guide books

selfhelp for the common crook

breadcrumbs for the glutten free

uber drivers of the monarchy

euro dollar system failure

stuff my face with natural fat

no job to pay the income tax

indifference broke the camels back.


Natural resource clear cut

talking heads don’t give a fuck

about the way that we bend

rock for light, till the end,


life lessons

give or take

slave labor

shallow state

while working

in a cesspool

of dirty water and dead flies

first responders wonder why

insurance costs way too high,


Hand out handcuffed

life of luxury looking tough,

see with your eyes

not with your hands

the bedtime story of this land

for when you fail

repossessed and up for sale

who’s got the money for the bail

a deeper debt to pay the fine

sell your home or do the time

hand out handcuffed

just staying sane

is getting tough.



Esoteric pig-pen

politics of staying zen

back and forth

do it again

decision making




the common good

what was the use

when you said


that if we should

then yes we can.










woensdag 17 maart 2021

Ordered before 17.00 delivered tomorrow, democracy

as if it could be besteld and delivered
slid through the brievenbus
and achteraf betaald or
returned within 30 days
geen vraag.
as if it could be besteld and delivered
via Uber Eats
and placed outside my door by
some young woman who I saw
last singing in some electro-pop band
during the Popronde years before.
as if could be besteld and delivered
by the PTT or whatever company now
owns the post and has bumped the
cost of the postage so high that
to send something found
in the kringloopwinkel to a loved one is
just way too expensive to make it anymore fun
worth the while.
as if it could be besteld and delivered
our common sense in an envelope from the GGD
saying that regardless of the current virus issues
tha our mental health status is A-OK and that the blue
envelopes will be postponed for a brighter day,
hahaha no fucking way.
as if it could be besteld and delivered
a sense of common decency
an integral idea of integrity
the simple acceptance of living together
and voting past the issues of you versus me
and of realizing that we should be scared shitless of
the potential uitverkoop of this democracy.


zaterdag 13 maart 2021

Eventually we and
it will all go back to normal
and the sun and the moon will continue to do
the electric slide aroud us all.
Eventually we will go back to normal
and continue to eat the youth
so we at middle age
can continue to feel young.
Eventually life will go back to normal
and we will continue to have conversations
about eating our children
in the middle of concerts
and act annoyed when
the young people in the crowd
ask us to be quiet.
Eventually this will all go back to normal
and the streets will flow
with fake gold, imitation Gucci
full of middle aged madmen and
deranged women.
Eventually you and I
will go back to normal
but our appetites
may never be
the same.

donderdag 4 maart 2021

Change the world today.

Change the world today by…


by giving the kid covered in acne collecting the shopping carts at the local supermarket a compliment.

by cleaning out everything you for so long have swept under the carpet.

by donating the spare change from inbetween the sofa cushions.

by no longer spending money on magazines that create a feeling of doubting your own self image.


Change the world today by…


by paying attention to the food we choose to ingest and waste and not upon our waistlines.

by thinking twice before posting some photoshopped selfie and bragging on social media about your favorite vice.

by conjuring up the common good while playing with a Ouija board.

by putting yourself to task before blaming others and the world for not giving you all that you ask.


Change the world today by…


by creating more free spaces for kids to skateboard upon.

by actually calling a friend to discuss how you think Grey’s Anatomy or The Walking Dead or whatever your favorite series is, will one day, eventually end.

by spending time alone and letting your mind ponder as you wander if today you woke up to be the person you hoped you’d turn out to be when you were only 13.

by fitting the circle and the square,

and by not being continiously caught up with your own agenda and by doing something that shows another that deep down that you, do care.

Change the world today by 

by being more concerned about listening to the answers that another gives than to the questions that you feel so compelled to ask.

by relating more to those struggling to survive on the streets of your cities or states than to those characters of fiction that we binge watch every night as our way of escape.

by learning how to see through, the put upon veil of unearned intelligence as only a mask worn by those terrified and in touch with their own sense of fear and of having been poorly educated.

by educating the individual about their overall responsibility when it comes to actually living as a collective.

by understanding that we are not only islands adrift in plastic seas but land masses of atomic bodies just barely afloat upon lifeboats taking in litres of water by the second.

by accepting the fact that we must act, in small and simple ways and in grand gestures that will make an impact upon healing this soiled ground that we use as a home.

by taking appropriate action geared towards sustainable living instead of living a life of emotionally charged childish defensive reaction towards that which we may have to give in.

by recognizing with open eyes the mistakes of our communal past and by working together, to figure how we as responsible participants can all work towards repairing the damage done and fufill the promises to our children and childrens children that we, stopped certain behaviors, corrected our cours, took action through motivation and proper discourse and actually did something to make sure that this planet, our world, will last.



zondag 28 februari 2021

Please do not remind me so early in the morning about everything I will forget to do tomorrow.

Like grabbing a capucino in some coffeshop in some quaint small town

on the otherside of the river, upstate from some big anonymous city

in some independent film backed by some heavy hitters in the tech world

who started production companies with names that make the viewers and the

stockholders alike think of the wilderness or taking on the extreme but

are really run by middle aged Gen X types who are watching all of their

fight for your rights slowly dissipate into them becoming more uptight and

out of the loop but are still happy to pay eight dollars for a bowl of over priced

Fruit Loops to help them stay in touch with their childlike side, in some beautifully hip

and comfortable looking coffeeshop in some quaint small town on the otherside of the river,

upstate from the big anonymous city that they fell in love in, got pregnant in, established

a ratio of 5 to 1 failed start-ups in, then decided that it was better off to raise a family somewhere

that smelled of engine oil, fresh baked sourdough bread and fermenting IPA beer, which took this

unsuspecting overeducated pedigree couple to a quiet little place tucked away between the mountains and

the sea, in a small quaint town where the foam on top of the capucinno from some indistinct but

full of charm coffeeshop in some low budget but high profile produced independent film, rises high

above the coffee cup, like some sign of small town rejuvination, a healing process in the minds and

bank accounts of those willing to exchange everything they thought they ever wanted for something else,

like two eggs perfectly scrambled served on toasted sourdough bread with a side order of

sweet potato country homefries, fresh squeezed orange juice and a damn fine looking cappucino made by

some young woman born and raised in this small quaint town, named Barbara,

but is in reality just a young woman from Texas who has been busting her ass

out in Hollywood to make her dreams of becoming famous true and this independent film

where she plays second fiddle to the metaphor of the foam on a cappucino will be

the sign she can send home to her family to prove that
life on the otherside of the river

be it in an independent film or reality is currently working out
for her.


Actually   move, move to motivate a fractured world a world that too often in a time of need sits dumbfounded up...