zaterdag 20 juli 2019

The algorithm has contracted chlamydia

The algorithm...

The algorithm eats ebola with whole fat milk and granola for breakfast.
The algorithm is watching us but has a Hello Kitty sticker over its own camera so we can’t watch it.
The algorithm is playing squash with Mark Zuckerberg.
The algorithm has contracted chlamydia more times then Richard Brautigan ever did.
The algorithm is on a keto diet but is having trouble keeping the weight of the world off its waistline.
The algorithm is contemplating actually going back to its own shithole country.
The algorithm is a shithole country.
The algorithm is a plus size model and proud of its extra rolls of fat.
The algorithm is busy updating the Karma Sutra.
The algorithm is tired of all the 0’s and 1’s in it’s life.
The algorithm is standing outside my shop looking in and wondering what it is all about.
The algorithm excercises everyday upon the treadmill that is Donald Trumps tongue.
The algorithm is open 24/7 and serves an even sweeter slurpee than 7Eleven.
The algorithm knows exactly what is in a hot dog but is sworn to never share its secret.
The algorithm is wanted by the authorities in three different countries for back alimony payments.
The algorithm is addicted to viagra.
The algorithm has had reconstructive surgery and a sixpack inplanted in its belly.
The algorithm blew out its lower back while twerking last time it was in Daytona beach on Spring Break.
The algorithm is still waiting on a sequel to the film Gummo.
The algorithm is a big fan of the band Royal Trux.
The algorithm still hasn’t made up its mind about the latest season of Stranger Things.
The algorithm doesn’t think it should be blamed for all the race baiting clickbait bullshit on the internet these days.
The algorithm is waiting for its vacation money and plans on sipping pina coladas poolside somewhere were noone can find it but where it can keep an eye on everybody, all the time, every single day.

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