woensdag 9 januari 2019

Barbershop Conversations

Young professional couple meet
fall in love
decide to move in together
settle in the city
cause that is where it all happens.

Young couple buy apartment
located next door or above
vibrant cultural venue
and feel young at heart
for doing so.

Couple ages and remains in love
love living in the city but
start to love the commotion and noise
of city life less and less.

Couple complains
City governments comply
and the commotion in the city
the cultural venues
that makes that city special
are one by one by one

Couple eventually grows old and
bored as there is less and less
interest in whatever comottion is
leftover in the city so they
decide to move to the suburbs
and raise a family of spoiled children
who will one day also look
to fall in love and move
to the city.

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