woensdag 19 december 2018

Give me no reason

Give me no reason, allow me my snooze

I shake the world by the shoulders
One for my dead homies.

There is a difference between
2ndhand and walking in another
man’s shoes.
He let off two shots
taking aim at the man in the moon.

When gravity proved too much to tango with
he took up ceramics instead
and spent his nights drunk
behind the pottery wheel.

Eventually when“they” came for him
I wasn’t suprised
to see you
there in the front of the crowd.

What did strike me as strange

was to see your name written in Sharpie
on the inside collar of the straightjacket
that I was asked to help him in to.

But like I said,

Give me no reason,
Allow me my snooze

I shake the world by its shoulders
and one for my dead homies.

After work I am planning on
just going home

and going to bed.

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