zaterdag 29 september 2018

When Steve King, Republican Congressman for the loose state of Iowa awoke

When Steve King, Republican Congressman for the loose state of Iowa awoke, he felt glorious.  A long night of deep restful sleep had left the Congressman feeling more powerful than usual.  “The King” as his local supporters called him sprang from his bed and immediately began his daily regiment of excercises.  Push ups, sit ups, squats.  The King felt his power surgng through his body.  For a man of seventy The King was extremely proud of his fysiek.  After his workout, The King hit the showers and scrubbed himself clean.  Standing naked in the bathroom The King wiped the steam from the mirror.  Inspecting his face he felt pride overwhelm him.  That is until he noticed the small red sore that formed overnight upon his top lip.  Leaning closer into the mirror, The King eyeballed the red lession.  “Marilyn!” he called out to his wife, “Marilyn can you get up here now!” From downstairs The King’s wife called out, “Not now Steve, I am busy with my series.” And The King leaned closer to the mirror, his face almost pressing up against it.  “What the fuck is this?” he mumbled to himself.  Memories of university days spend by the campus infirmary
Flashed through The Kings mind. How or why could his herpes be returning now?  For The King was to be a featured guest on a Fox News panel that evening and going on national television to bemoan the Democratic conspiracies corrupting the great nation with a herpes sore on his upper lip would not be good.  “Well they must have good makeup artists,”the King thought to himself.  “Look what they can for Tucker Carlson.  That guy is one big STD.”
“Marilyn, I need your coverup! Where the fuck is it? Can you please get your ass up here, now!” called the Congressman to his wife, once again. “Oh Steve, what is it now? Goddamit you are such a pain in the ass sometime!” said the Congressmans wife as she pressed pause on her Netflix and made her way up the stairs to the bathroom.  When she opend the door and found her husband standing there naked, all congressional shrivelled white cock, grey hairs and red flaming herpe sore, she sighed and dropped her shoulders.  “Oh, for Gods sake, Steven.  Another damn herpe sore.  When will you ever learn to stop kissing the babies of crackwhores.”  “Just give me the damn coverup, will you.” snapped the Congressman, already thinking ahead about doing tequila shots with Tucker Carlson after the taping.

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