vrijdag 24 augustus 2018

So, the Universe decided to stop by at the camping…

And said, “hey man, I thought that I would pop by to say hello.  I felt that just wishing you a happy birthday via whatsapp or on fbook was just a bit too modern and impersonal way for the Universe to do it.”
“Oh,” I replied, “it didn’t bother me.  I appreciated it.  Receiving a few seconds of someones attention is a lot to ask for nowadays, anyway.

And we strolled across the camping, admiring the simple beauty of the Betuwse, the pear trees, and apple trees, the cherry trees and big open skies,

when the Universe turned to me and said, “Man, it is really pretty here.” 
“I know,” I said.  “I guess I should thank you for that.”
The Universe scratched at a mosquito bite on its ankle, “yeah, well maybe just a bit but the Universe doesn’t like to take credit for everything.”

The sun was going down and the sky glowed a purple red palate.  It was quiet.

“It’s a gift to be here.” I said. “Sometimes I fell like never going back to Haarlemtown.”
“Everyone has to be somewhere.” replied the Universe.
“But some places are quieter than others.” I said.
“Some places are just less populated then others.” answered the Universe.

The Universe stuck another marshmellow on the stick it was holding and held it out over the campfire. 

“I like them just a little bit burnt on the outside,” said the Universe.
“That is the only way.” I replied.

I decided to abstain out of fear of my own stomach. Three roasted marshmellows had become my adult limit.

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