maandag 13 augustus 2018

He tells himself to be better than the ones he detests.

He tells himself to be better than the ones he detests.

His darker thoughts think of them as targets.

He doesn’t care for violence (he is a big pussy himself)

so he chooses sarcasm in sentence form instead.

He wonders though while he wastes his time

Typing about the men and women whom he

Believes are out to degrade the rest of us all.

He thinks to himself, why give my precious time

Over to writing about them when he knows

Damn well that no poem or paragraph of prose

Will stop them.  Not like they might even ever

Have a chance to read i tand be offeneded by it.

Yet he thinks that maybe for those who do

And maybe even feel the same way

That a glimmer of humor as bootstamped poetry

Across the gleaming foreheads of these less than

Noble politicians and social pariahs might give someone

Anyone else out there a smile and small chuckle.

For this he is willing to waste his time for. 

This might keep him smiling on the better side of sanity

Or maybe it won’t.

Either way a man has to have something worthwhile to do.

Otherwise his woman will wonder too often in one day

What the hell is wrong with you, we are on vacation.

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