vrijdag 15 juni 2018

Leave the dictators to their piles of dirty dishes
the facists to their fascination with fractions
and the conservatives to their unhealthy concern for Kabbalah.
Leave the liberals to their lizard skin collections
the professional athletes to their contemplation of their own lifespans
and the orphans around the world to their opinions about single use plastics.
Leave the garbagemen to their cherry picking
the politicians to their arguements with their own spouses
and the Hollywood elite to their ever increasing lactose intolerance.
Leave the poets to their rubiks cube pastimes
the songwriters to picking pistachio nuts from between their teeth
and the exotic dancers to paying back past taxes.
Leave the junkies to their double dutch jump rope
the professional bowlers to their Budweiser blue balls
and the weekend warrior badminton players to their uncircumcised shuttlecocks
Leave the high school teachers to their stock investments in Kevlar
the lunch ladies to their frozen pizza perservative Fridays
and the school bus drivers to resisting every impulse to commit suicide.
Leave the Mexican day laborers to their salted margarita day dreams
the Orthodox Rabbis to their all you can eat kosher buffet at the Crab Cake Factory
and the Mormons to their insecurity when it comes to eating Swedish meatballs
Leave the neo-nazis to their swastika needle point pillow making
the Muslim Brotherhood to their bow tie community controlled chaos
and the Hari Krishna’s to their hopscotch game through a hostile universe.
Leave the punk rockers to their safety pin conformity safety net
the hip hop heads to their 8 point Scrabble word score for the N-word
and the country music fans to the chewing gum stuck under the seats at the Grand Ole Opry.
Leave the barbers to deal with the insecure vanity of all the white boys with beards
the tattoo artists to all the impressions of life that can be persuaded into a persons skin
and the piercers to all the loopholes in life that may help another get over their hang-ups.
Leave the storytellers to their fabled lifes of imaginary luxury
the acoustic guitar slinging troubadors to all their songs strung out on cat gut
and the burlesque dancers to all their bellybuttons filled with boa feathers.
Leave the newscasters to their muppet like open and shut mouths
the journalists to their fear of being labeled fake news
and the talk show hosts to the horrors of silence after midnight.
Leave the shopkeepers to ponder what do with all their extra stock
the cafe owners to all the empty tables waiting to occupied by cockroaches
and the fast food franchises to pockets full of human fat.
Leave the Gods to their congregations buttoned up with fear
the choirs with their vocal chords strung around their necks
and the atheisists to believing that they have the answers.
Leave the universe alone to manifest its own mayhem
the distant planets as unhabited as they currently are
and the rest of humanity
leave it at peace with sorting out the mess
that rest of us have scrambled into tiny little pieces.

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