vrijdag 15 juni 2018

When I asked her what she wanted for dinner, this is what I already had in mind

Canadian Bacon & circumcision
the Palestinian Authority & pulled pork
Kosher Pickles & predatory predilictions

Coffee Danish & the slow destruction of democracy
cosmetic surgery & a slice of pepperoni pizza
Dunkin Donuts & moral tooth decay

Spaghetti Bolognese & human slavery
carpet bombings & baked Alaska
Grilled cheese & a rack of golden teeth

Pastrami on rye & the nazi party
Bank fraud & an everything bagel with vegetable cream cheese
Perogie’s & polygamy

Chicken cacciatore & chaos in the streets
#metoo & mozzarella sticks
Hush puppies & the Pulitzer Prize

Hot buttered popcorn & health care coverage
Corporate drug kingpins & clean drinking water
Carmelized apples & serial killers

Gummy bears & going through the motions
Denuclearization & dim-sum
Vanilla milkshakes & go-karts

Hamburgers & heroine
Suicide hotline & turkey hot dogs
Fish & Chips & hairlips

Pork chops & political handjobs
Anal beads & news feeds
Mushroom risotto & the reach around

Eggs Benedict & God Bless America
Immigration & low fat ice cream
Blueberry pancakes & broken fingernails

Prime rib & abortion
Minimum wage & wagyu beef meatballs
Vegetarian Burrito & bullet proof vests

Chicken fried steak & social security
Alimony payments & roast suckling pig
Personal space & something to wash it all down with.

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